Week 6

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AJS 514 Week 6 Crime Reduction and Prevention Proposal
Crime Reduction and Prevention Proposal Instructions:  Resource: Week Four Learning Team assignment: City Demographics and Crime Profile. Write a 1,750- to 2,450-word proposal in which you ..
AJS 514 Week 6 DQ 1
During this class, you've learned about several different theories of criminal behavior.  One theory isn't enough to explain why people commit crime - if it were, we could figure out how to stop ..
AJS 514 Week 6 DQ 2
Which social events and attitudes over the past 30 years have influenced the development, or lack thereof, in criminology? How have they done this? ..
AJS 514 Week 6 DQ 3
How do explanations of crime differ today from those in the past?  What's the future of criminology? ..
AJS 514 Week 6 Personal Criminological Theory Review
Personal Criminological Theory Review  Instructions: Outline any changes you would make to your original theory in the Week One Personal Criminological Theory assignment, based on your lear..