Week 5 - Internet Strategist Paper

Week 5 - Internet Strategist Paper
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Week 5 - Internet Strategist Paper


Individual Assignment - Internet Strategist Paper

Assume you are an Internet strategist for the company you selected in Week One. Evaluate the company’s current use of the Internet and other technologies in communication. You must also make suggestions on the use of new technologies.

Resource: Company Communication Vehicle selected in Week One

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you address the following:

·         How does the company deliver communications to its audience through the Internet?

·         Compare this company’s communication strategy with other companies in this field. Do the companies communicate differently on the Internet? Are the companies delivering on the promises of the website? Are the companies communicating properly to the audience? Why or why not?

Compare the uses of the different technologies available for the company in communication. What are the benefits associated with each techonology? What are the drawbacks? Does the company use the technologies effectively in communications? What new trends in technology and communication might this company employ? What communication strategy might you recommend to get their audience more involved or committed to their product?