CJA 344 - Week 4 - Racial Profiling By Police

CJA 344 - Week 4 - Racial Profiling By Police
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CJA 344 - Week 4 - Racial Profiling By Police

Choose one of the following topics to prepare a Panel Discussion around:

a.       Racial Profiling by police.

b.      Influence of police leadership on racial disparity and discrimination.

c.       Affect of police Brutality on Victims, Family and Community

d.      Response of Government Officials to racial and ethnic issues.

Consider the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center, which is found under the Article Databases—Specialized section in the University Library or another online location as a source for your articles. Use the Quick Search function to find articles on your topic.

Review 3 to 5 articles pertaining to your topic

Begin to work on your Panel Discussion Presentation

The panel discussion should consist of approximately 5 – 10 questions, relative to the various issues related to the assigned topic.  Each question should be followed by the individual opinion of each team member, resulting in a wide variety of opinions.  At the end of the panel discussion, the team should pose 3 - 5 questions to the remaining students in class.