Week 2

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CJA 384 - Week 2 - DQ1
DQ 1. What are the various theories of organized crime? How does organizational theory help us understand organized crime? ..
CJA 384 - Week 2 - DQ2
DQ 2. What is the definition of a social institution? Why do some authorities consider organized crime a social institution? In what ways may you determine if this view is valid? Explain ..
CJA 384 - Week 2 - Learning Team Assignment
Learning Team Assignment Answer the following two questions with a minimum of 500 words each. Use an academic source for each – not our texts. APA references only. 1)    Come up w..
CJA 384 - Week 2 - Models of Organized Crime Executive Summary
Individual Assignment - Models of Organized Crime Executive Summary Write a 1050- to 1150-word paper in which you compare distinctions between bureaucratic and patron-client organizations. Inclu..