Week 3

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CJA 384 - Week 3 - DQ1
DQ 1. What are the business interests of organized crime groups? How have these interests evolved over time? How would you compare the business interests of early organized crime groups to today’s org..
CJA 384 - Week 3 - DQ2
  DQ 2. Why was the ‘drug business’ considered dirty to OC? What crime group first made profits with it? What was the reaction of other groups? ..
CJA 384 - Week 3 - Learning Team Assignment
Learning Team Assignment Answer the following questions with a minimum of 500 words, using separate academic sources for each (not our texts). APA references only. 1)    Detail th..
CJA 384 - Week 3 - Social Organized Crime Perspective Paper
  Individual Assignment - Social Organized Crime Perspective Paper Write a 1150- to 1350-word paper in which you discuss and explain the interrelationship of prohibition and the rise of OC ..