Week 4

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HCS 235 - Week 4 - DQ 1 (With 3 Responses)
Name of video selected (include citation and reference) and why selected; Summary of the video as to key points, focus and purpose of video; Identify one key factor related to health care financ..
HCS 235 - Week 4 - DQ 2 (With 3 Responses)
According to the Wilensky article, what percentage of the United States Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been for health care spending? What factors does the Wilensky article identify as a driving ..
HCS 235 - Week 4 - Web Review Paper
The World Wide Web (WWW) web has become a vital aspect of health care. As such, the Internet has become a place to research diseases and medications, as well as components of the health care continuum..