Week 3

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HCS 437 - Week 3 - DQ1 (With 2 Response )
DQ 1. Which seems to be more lacking - federal, state, or local resources, when it comes to providing resources to an aging population within a long-term care setting?  What reforms and resources..
HCS 437 - Week 3 - DQ2 (With 2 Response )
DQ 2. Distinguish between Medicare and Medicaid.  What are the major gaps in these programs? Why must an older adult be familiar with both of these programs for health care purposes?  What o..
HCS 437 - Week 3 - Long Term Care Facility Study Outline
Learning Team Assignment – Long Term Care Facility Study Outline Each student must visit a long-term care facility in his or her own community. Students must create a list of facilities they would ..