Week 3

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HCS 449 - Week 3 - DQ1 (With 2 Response )
What are some of the benefits of creating a personal action plan? What have you learned about yourself through the process? ..
HCS 449 - Week 3 - DQ2 (With 2 Response )
What continuing-education opportunities currently exist to further extend your health care knowledge in your chosen career or role? ..
HCS 449 - Week 3 - Personal Action Plan
Resource: Personal Action Plan Grading Criteria A personal action plan is a plan you develop to meet personal goals. This is your chance to look at your personal strengths and weaknesses and identi..
HCS 449 - Week 3 - Presentation Action Plan
Submit a brief action plan on your Case Study Presentation.  In it, include a breakdown of responsibilities for each member and your anticipated timeline for completing them. ..