Week 3

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HCS 451 Week 3 DQ 1
Consider a health care organization that is unable to meet all of its relevant regulatory requirements. Answer the following questions about this organization: What short- and long-term actions sho..
HCS 451 Week 3 DQ 2
Which components of performance-management systems do you think are most important and least important?  Why?  Explain which components link most closely to risk-management and quality-manag..
HCS 451 Week 3 Overview of Risk Management and Quality Management in Health Care Worksheet
Instructions: Conduct research on the health care disciplines of risk management and quality management and their roles in and influences on organizational performance. Look for common themes an..
HCS 451 Week 3 Quality Dimensions and Measures Table Paper
Instructions: As a team consider the following scenario: On December 7, 2000, the Cincinnati OSHA Office heard through media and police reports that there were two deaths at a nursing home in Oh..