Week 3

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HCS 455 - Week 3 - DQ1
DQ 1. What are the current health care policy issues in your state? Is the state doing anything to enhance any health care issues, and is your state doing enough? ..
HCS 455 - Week 3 - DQ2
DQ 2. What is the difference between presidential, congressional, and state roles in health care public policy debate, establishment, and implementation? ..
HCS 455 - Week 3 - Learning Team Discussion Question
Learning Team Discussion Question Members of the Learning Team Discuss the Weekly Learning Team Discussion Questions (Weeks 2-5). One member of the Learning Team posts the team response in the MAIN..
HCS 455 - Week 3 - The Policy Process - Part I
Individual Assignment - The Policy Process: Part I Policies are constantly being reviewed and considered to help improve the American health care system. Each one has the potential to affect each o..