Week 5

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HCS 455 - Week 5 - DQ1
DQ 1. What role will you, as an individual health care consumer and health professional, play in the future development and revision of health care policy? How will your studies prepare you for this r..
HCS 455 - Week 5 - DQ2
  DQ 2. How will society, through health care policy, deal with future issues such as cloning, genome mapping, and end-of-life issues? ..
HCS 455 - Week 5 - Learning Team Discussion Question
Learning Team Discussion Question Members of the Learning Team Discuss the Weekly Learning Team Discussion Questions (Weeks 2-5). One member of the Learning Team posts the team response in the MAIN..
HCS 455 - Week 5 - Legislator Handout
Individual Assignment - Legislator Handout Legislators are busy individuals and do not have extra time to sort through pages and pages of documents. Nevertheless, you feel it is important to meet w..
HCS 455 - Week 5 - Policy Issues PowerPoint Presentation
Learning Team Assignment - Policy Issues PowerPoint® Presentation Use the outline created in Week Two. Develop a 12- to 15-slide PowerPoint® presentation that includes the following information:..