Week 3

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HCS 475 - Week 3 - DQ 1 (With 3 Responses)
DQ 1. What tools and techniques would you use to motivate your staff if you were the head of a nursing home? Would your tools and techniques differ if you were the head of a hospital? Why do you think..
HCS 475 - Week 3 - DQ 2 (With 3 Responses)
DQ 2. What are some ways you have seen employers measure the accountability of their staff? Were these measurements effective? Why or why not? Why is measurement of accountability important to an orga..
HCS 475 - Week 3 - Effective Work Group Presentation
Learning Team Assignment - Effective Work Group Presentation Resource: Effective Work Group Presentation Grading Criteria Read the following scenario: You have each been promoted as part of a..