ACC 491 - Week 2 - Complete

ACC 491 - Week 2 - Complete
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ACC 491 - Week 2 - Complete

DQ1.What are the components of the audit risk model? How does the audit risk model impact an audit plan?

DQ2.Can materiality be quantified? What factors should be considered when allocating materiality to an account balance?

Individual Assignment

Post your answers to the following assignments from the text in your Assignments folder. 

Prepare written answers to the following assignment: Modern Auditing: Assurance Services and the Integrity of Financials Reporting (8th ed.), Chapter 1: Comprehensive Questions 1:19 (Types of audits and auditors).


Learning Team Assignment - Learning Team Charter:

Based upon your reading of the articles on self-managing teams, identify elements that are important for effective Learning Teams. Prepare a Learning Team Charter that includes a breakdown of the core skills and competencies of the team members, team goals, norms for team interactions and communication, methods to be employed for team conflict resolution.


Take a quiz on topics covered in the assigned readings for Week.


Answer the Multiple Choice Questions in the Assignments tab.