ACC 491 - Week 4 - Complete

ACC 491 - Week 4 - Complete
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ACC 491 - Week 4 - Complete

DQ1.Assume that the company you are auditing has processed 300 vouchers over a period of one year.  Let us also assume you wanted to test a sample of 30 out of the 300 vouchers that were processed for the year.  Describe the procedures that you will perform to select the 30 sample items.


DQ2.Why do auditors find it necessary to use sampling? What are the risks associated with using sampling? How will these risks affect the audit conclusion?


Individual Assignment

Post your answers to the following assignments from the text in your Assignments folder.  Prepare written answers to the following assignment:  Modern Auditing: Assurance Services and the Integrity of Financials Reporting (8th ed.), Chapter 10: Learning Check 10-24.


Learning Team Assignment - Preliminary Audit Plan Outline: 

Using the same company selected in the Learning Team Meeting for your Industry and Corporate Risk Paper, develop an outline for a preliminary audit plan for that organization.  Include audit objectives and internal controls in your outline.  Post your answers to the following assignments in the Assignments folder of the responsible team member.


Take a quiz on topics covered in the assigned readings for Week.


Answer the Multiple Choice Questions in the Assignments tab.