ACC 491 - Week 5 - Complete

ACC 491 - Week 5 - Complete
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ACC 491 - Week 5 - Complete

Individual Assignment

Accounting Systems Paper.  Prepare a 700-1050-word paper on the accounting systems at your organization. If information about the systems at your organization is not available, choose another organization. In your paper, illustrate the relationship between accounting software modules and the general ledger. Also, analyze the effects of information systems on internal controls.  Post your paper to the following assignments in your Assignments folder.


Learning Team Assignment - Case Study Assignment: 

Prepare responses to the questions posed by the following Learning Check from the text: Chapter 12, 12-17. Post your responses to the Assignments folder of the team member responsible for submitting the assignment.

 Work on the following assignment with your Learning Team, and then have one member of your team post a collective response from the team in the Main forum.




 Presentation on Corporate Risk and Audit Plan:  Prepare 8-10 Microsoft Power Point slides illustrating your industry and Corporate Risk Paper completed in Wk2 Learning Team meeting and your Preliminary Audit Plan Outline completed in W3 Learning Team meeting.