AET 545 - Week 2 - Complete

AET 545 - Week 2 - Complete
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AET 545 - Week 2 - Complete

DQ1.How does the cognitive level of performance objectives affect the design of a Web-based tutorial?


DQ2.Locate a Web-based tutorial. What strategies does it use to engage you as the learner? Are the strategies effective? Justify your response and include the URL of the tutorial.


Individual Assignment - Needs Analysis

Select your workplace setting or a setting with which you are familiar for this project.

Collect data about the need, and perform an analysis to determine how the performance gap may be solved through e-learning.

• Identify the learning problem or opportunity.

• Present a quantitative analysis in a visual format, such as a table or Chart , on the performance need.

• Explain how the web-based tutorial will solve the identified problem. Limit your explanation, including graphics and text, to three pages.

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