AET 545 - Week 4 - Complete

AET 545 - Week 4 - Complete
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AET 545 - Week 4 - Complete

DQ1.Analyze the visual layout of a Web page of your choice. How do the white-space elements on the page enhance or distract from the message? How do the navigational elements enhance user friendliness?


DQ1.Based on research, what unique features of audio and video on Web sites appeal to adult learners? Justify your answer.


Individual Assignment - Storyboard

Resource: Designing Storyboards

Create a storyboard for your web-based tutorial using a tool approved by your facilitator, such as Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Microsoft® Word.

Include the following in your storyboard:

• Designer or developer notes

• Programmer notes

• Instructional and informational text

• Graphics, such as images or charts

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