AET 545 - Week 5 - Complete

AET 545 - Week 5 - Complete
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AET 545 - Week 5 - Complete

DQ1.What is a good method for assessing learner preparedness for e-learning?


DQ2.After assessing preparedness of learners for e-learning, how can you verify that your e-learning program addresses their level of preparedness?


Learning Team Assignment - E-Learning Policy

Your Learning Team has been tasked with writing a policy for using multimedia in e-learning training for your organization or for one with which your team is familiar.

Research the following multimedia elements to develop your policy:

• Audio

• Video

• Animation

• Flash®

• Animated images

• Images

• Line art

• Vector art

• Photography

• Interactivity

Address the following in your policy:        

• When to use these elements

• When not to use these elements

• Technological issues related to each element

• Instructional issues related to each element

• Delivery concerns

• Learner challenges related to each element

Include a brief description of the organization and a summary of the characteristics of each multimedia element.

Present your policy in a format that fits with your selected organization.

Format your policy consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.