AET 545 - Week 6 - Complete

AET 545 - Week 6 - Complete
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AET 545 - Week 6 - Complete

DQ1.If you were to design a Web-based tutorial for your organization, what steps would you follow from the initial request to the final evaluation of the tutorial? Outline four to five major steps and justify your answer.


DQ2.How does the subject matter of a tutorial affect the type of evaluation you might use?


Individual Assignment - Web-Based Tutorial and Summary

Create a web-based tutorial by completing the following:

• Create the instructional content.

• Include learning activities that address the performance objectives.

• Determine and describe the assessment you would use to measure learner attainment of the objectives.

• Select a web-based platform to publish your tutorial.

Publish the tutorial.

Perform a quality check to ensure that the tutorial functions and displays correctly.

Include the link in your MAED/AET web-based professional portfolio with a summary about your completed tutorial.

Note. Students in the Teacher Leadership program are not required to upload the completed tutorial and summary to their e-portfolios.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.