AET 550 - Week 1 - Complete

AET 550 - Week 1 - Complete
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AET 550 - Week 1 - Complete

DQ1.How Would You Describe HPT?


DQ2.What is your own definition of performance improvement, based on your experiences? Why have you selected this definition? How does it relate to HPT?


Individual Assignment - PI and ID Flowchart and Narrative

Review Figure 1.1 (Ch. 1) of the Handbook of Human Performance Technology for an example flowchart of the performance improvement (PI) model. If needed, conduct a Web search to learn more about how to design a flowchart.

Create a flowchart of the relationship between PI and instructional design (ID).

• Use the Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel®, or Microsoft®

PowerPoint® programs to create your flowchart.

• Include the following components in your flowchart:

• PI model steps:

• Front-end analysis

• Analyze and allocate

• Design and develop

• Implement and institutionalize

• Monitor and manage

• Evaluate and enhance

• Back-end synthesize

• ID steps using the ADDIE model:

• Analyze

• Design

• Develop

• Implement

• Evaluate

• Label all components within the flowchart.

Write a 350-word descriptive narrative on the similarities and differences shown in the flowcharts.

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