AET 550 - Week 2 - Complete

AET 550 - Week 2 - Complete
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AET 550 - Week 2 - Complete

DQ1.What problems may occur if the performance management process is implemented poorly?


DQ2.What are the similarities and differences between the performance-improvement process and the instructional design process (ADDIE model)?


Learning Team Assignment - Performance Management Procedural Job Aid

Write a procedural job aid that a consultant might employ to implement a performance management process, which includes the following components:

• Prerequisites

• Performance planning

• Performance execution

• Performance assessment

• Performance review

• Performance renewal and recontracting

Include an annotated checklist of the key issues for each of the components.

• Inform the consultant of not only what must be done, but when it must be done.

• Include brief descriptions of the processes associated with each item in the checklist.

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