AET 550 - Week 3 - Complete

AET 550 - Week 3 - Complete
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AET 550 - Week 3 - Complete

DQ1.What is a performance gap as it relates to instruction, and how is a gap identified?


DQ2.How would you use an HPT process to assess performance gaps between desired outcomes and actual results?


Individual Assignment - Psychomotor Domain Performance Gap Analysis

Refer to the College of Education Web Links Library in the College of Education Resources under the Curriculum Technology & Education

Multimedia heading for a link to the Encyclopedia of Educational Technology.

• Conduct a search for Bloom’s psychomotor domain to access the psychomotor categories as developed by Simpson.

• Use this information as a starting point for the assignment.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that examines the role of Bloom’s performance model in identifying performance gaps for an activity in the psychomotor domain such as, juggling, playing a musical instrument, learning to play a sport, and so on.

Identify each level in the psychomotor domain and provide examples of a gap in performance for each level.

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