AET 550 - Week 6 - Complete

AET 550 - Week 6 - Complete
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AET 550 - Week 6 - Complete

Individual Assignment - Completed E-Portfolio Presentation Portfolio

Finalize your MAED/AET web-based professional portfolio to include the following components:

• A selection of your assignments and projects completed throughout the MAED/AET program

• Four required artifacts:

• Completed Instructional Design Plan, Parts I, II, and III (From AET/515)

• Instructional Module/Training Plan (From AET/520)

• Differentiated Instruction (From AET/525)

• WizzyWats Assembly Line Scenario (From AET/550)

• A summary of what you have learned from the program

Consider using the completed personal portfolio when seeking employment and including your résumé.

E-mail your portfolio to your facilitator and refer to the Adult Education and Training Professional Portfolio information on your student website


Individual Assignment - Career Development Plan

Becoming a performance improvement practitioner involves careful consideration of short and long-term career goals, action steps, timelines, and education or certifications within the profession.

Complete the Career Development Plan as outlined by the Career Development Plan document.

Outline what action steps you would take to pursue a career as a performance improvement practitioner.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


Learning Team Assignment - Performance Improvement Plan, Part II

Review the scenarios and Part II as outlined in the Performance Improvement Plan Guidelines.

Finalize the entire plan to transition a current training department into a performance improvement department.

Include Part I with the submission of Part II.

Prepare to share or present the Performance Improvement Plan with the class.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.