ACCT 382 - Week 4 - Chapter 4 Homework - Question 7

ACCT 382 - Week 4 - Chapter 4 Homework - Question 7
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ACCT 382 - Week 4 - Chapter 4 Homework - Question 7

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Question 7

Listed below are several terms and phrases associated with income statement presentation and the statement of cash flows. Pair each item from List A (by letter) with the item from List B that is most appropriately associated with it.



List A

List B



Intraperiod tax allocation


Unusual, infrequent, and material gains and losses.



Comprehensive income


Starts with net income and works backwards to convert to cash.



Extraordinary items


Reports the cash effects of each operating activity directly on the statement.



Operating income


Correction of a material error of a prior period.



A discontinued operation


Related to the external financing of the company.



Earnings per share


Associates tax with income statement item.



Prior period adjustment


Total nonowner change in equity.



Financing activities


Related to the transactions entering into the determination of net income.



Operating activities (SCF)


Related to the acquisition and disposition of long-term assets.



Investing activities


Required disclosure for publicly traded corporation.



Direct method


A component of an entity.



Indirect method


Directly related to principal revenue-generating activities.