BSHS 312 - Week 3 - DQ 2

BSHS 312 - Week 3 - DQ 2
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BSHS 312 - Week 3 - DQ 2

After reading the text chapters for this week, reflect on your own concrete thinking. What kinds of all-or-nothing thinking have you detected in yourself? Do you have specific assumptions about future clients that may impact your work? How will you confront your own personal concrete thought patterns? Be sure to provide examples to the level you feel comfortable.

(For those providing feedback, please pre-read before posting to ensure your questions or feedback are supportive, thought-provoking or introspective and not aggressive or judgmental).


What “positive addictions” do you practice? Please distinguish between what makes something an addiction and what is something you enjoy doing frequently. When reflecting on potential negative impacts, what could be some of the drawbacks of your positive addiction(s)?