Week 5

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LDR 300 - Week 5 - DQ 1 (3 Responses)
DQ 1. Provide an example of change that may take place in an organization. How may that change be perceived, based on a person’s position?   ..
LDR 300 - Week 5 - DQ 2 (3 Responses)
DQ 2. How problems are routinely solved in organizations? As a leader, what methods would you propose for creative problem-solving?   ..
LDR 300 - Week 5 - Final Examination
LDR/300 Final Exam Considering a cultural approach to leadership, leadership should be conceptualized as: An ability or skill A dynamic social process A set of behaviors A rela..
LDR 300 - Week 5 - Merger Dilemma Paper
Learning Team Assignment - Merger Dilemma Paper Your consulting group has been retained to help with the merger of two midsized companies that have been competitors for years. The purpose of the me..