Week 4

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LTC 315 - Week 4 - DQ 1 (With 3 Responses)
If you had to choose a facility for a family member or friend, how would you get the information you need to make the decision?  How would you evaluate the information you obtain? ..
LTC 315 - Week 4 - DQ 2 (With 3 Responses)
What form of reimbursement do you believe would allow individuals the best level of care in a skilled nursing facility?  What percentage of residents would you guess have this? ..
LTC 315 - Week 4 - Executive Summary Part II
Create a second Executive Summary of approximately 250 words discussing the progress that the team is making on the final LT assignment.  Within this summary, please be sure to include the pot..
LTC 315 - Week 4 - Making Choices Guide Part II
Demographics, beliefs, finances, independence, and many other factors may affect an individual’s or couple’s options for living environments. Because of the importance of proper environment choice,..