Week 4

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MGT - 420 - Week 4 - DQ1 (With 3 Responses)
DQ 1. What are some KPIs that can affect alliances with certain vendors? Which KPIs are most important? Why? ..
MGT - 420 - Week 4 - DQ2 (With 3 Responses)
DQ 2. What are some areas of a company adversely affected when switching suppliers? How would altering suppliers affect the different areas of a manufacturing company? How would it affect the differen..
MGT - 420 - Week 4 - DQ3 (With 3 Responses)
  DQ 3. What are some of the major costs in altering an existing supplier relationship or establishing a new one? What significant costs might be incurred by a manufacturing business upon modi..
MGT - 420 - Week 4 - Quality Management Strategy Paper
Continue building your proposal for BJB’s Strategic Planning Committee by adding 1,050-to 1,750-words outlining the strategies for addressing quality management issues and determining an effective mea..