Week 5

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MGT 538 Week 5 Cultural Awareness Plan Part 1
  Resources: Cultural Awareness Plan - Scenario and Cultural Awareness Plan - Preparation Review the Cultural Awareness Plan - Scenario. Research culturally appropriate communicative ..
MGT 538 Week 5 DQ 1
How would/can a cultural awareness strategy change, considering a company‚Äôs many different options of entry into international markets?  What factors do you see as making the decision to cha..
MGT 538 Week 5 DQ 2
I am sitting in a cab, heading home after flying in from a long negotiations meeting. Within this process, some personnel issues arose about the pending holidays which made me think of this class. ..
MGT 538 Week 5 DQ 3
Explain the process of environmental assessment.  What are the major international variables to consider in the scanning process? How well do you think managers conduct environmental assessment? ..
MGT 538 Week 5 DQ 4
When deciding to expand internationally, where are the risks for the company, considering such an expansion? How can these risks be mitigated? ..
MGT 538 Week 5 Electronic Reserve Reading Summary
Use the search strings in the Week 5 Electronic Reserve Readings link. Find two to three interesting articles and write a one-paragraph summary of each ..