Week 1

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OPS 571 Week 1 DQ 1
How does the QFD approach help?  What are some limitations of the QFD approach? ..
OPS 571 Week 1 DQ 2
Excellent points Donald.  We do need to listen to customers and understand their needs.  Should all customer needs be implemented into the product?  Why or why not? ..
OPS 571 Week 1 DQ 3
What does the product-process matrix tell us? How should the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant be structured? ..
OPS 571 Week 1 DQ 4
How does the production volume affect break-even analysis? ..
OPS 571 Week 1 DQ 5
What are some of the key differences between how you design a process for manufacturing and for service?  Why are these different? ..
OPS 571 Week 1 DQ 6
Provide examples of how 2 of the production processes discussed in the reading  are used in the real world....don't use examples from the book...these examples should be from your own experience ..
OPS 571 Week 1 DQ 7
There are three service designs discussed in the reading.  Provide an example (not from the reading) of each type of design.  Why is this type of design appropriate for this type of service?..
OPS 571 Week 1 DQ 8
How do we differentiate service and manufacturing process qualities? A service process will tend to be a little less structured than a manufacturing process. There are still specific, detailed procedu..
OPS 571 Week 1 DQ 9
The processes and procedures in a given organization will determine the amount of success it will realize. The customer wants performance of their product at an expected price and within an ..
OPS 571 Week 1 Process Design Matrix
Instructions: Complete the Process Design Matrix. Develop a 700-word Executive Summary in which you identify appropriate design approaches for the selected product and service used in the Proces..