Week 3

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OPS 571 Week 3 DQ 1
Think about your latest trip to a hospital/health care facility. How many different handoffs did you encounter? How would you rate the quality of the service relative to the patient experience and rel..
OPS 571 Week 3 DQ 10
The text has some really important concepts posted above, including: MRP, MPS, calculations regarding lot and order sizing, etc. Please take a read and try and answer the question below. Provide an..
OPS 571 Week 3 DQ 2
With so much productive capacity and room for expansion in the United States, why would a company based in the United States choose to purchase items from a foreign firm? Discuss the pros and cons. ..
OPS 571 Week 3 DQ 3
What are the major differences between aggregate planning in manufacturing and aggregate planning in services? ..
OPS 571 Week 3 DQ 4
Distinguish between in-process inventory, safety stock inventory, and seasonal inventory. ..
OPS 571 Week 3 DQ 5
Many practitioners currently update MRP weekly or biweekly. Would it be more valuable if it were updated daily? Discuss. ..
OPS 571 Week 3 DQ 6
I think that we need to explore what a 'production-planning strategy' really is. Production can be considered the output and planning can be considered the establishment of a process. This relates som..
OPS 571 Week 3 DQ 7
Compare health care operations to product and service firm operations.  What's alike and what's different? ..
OPS 571 Week 3 DQ 8
I love the examples put forth in the text here. The UPS approach is pretty easy to wrap your arms around; cut out the middle man; i.e. warehousing. Shipping and receiving has really evolved over the p..
OPS 571 Week 3 DQ 9
Does your firm outsource any functions?  What relationships seem to work well, or not so well.  How could the less beneficial arrangements be improved ..
OPS 571 Week 3 Process Design & Supply Chain Evaluation
Instructions: Complete the Practice Operations Simulation in Connect. Each Learning Team member should complete Module 1 and Module 2. Take a screenshot of the results when completed. Share t..