Week 3

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RES 431 - Week 3 - Commercial Real Estate
Locate a commercial property and examine the attributes that make it a good investment. Identify your property by using Loopnet. Make sure to address the following in your paper: a. Provide the ..
RES 431 - Week 3 - DQ 1
DQ 1. Significance of Due Diligence. Provide an example of a recent real estate deal in which due diligence was not adequately addressed and the result of not completing it well. In 250 to 300 wor..
RES 431 - Week 3 - DQ 2
  DQ 2. Time Requirements. Review the “100:10:3:1 Rule,” which is described in Chapter 10 of your text, and discuss its relevance today. Given the technology and current search methods, di..